Donut Media: We raced each other in a NASCAR stock car

This week, Donut Media and NASCAR are partnering for exclusive racing content. Today: We raced each other in a NASCAR stock car.

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It’s NASCAR week on Donut Media, a week in which the car culture brand will celebrate and explore NASCAR’s roots and personalities as only Donut Media can.

Tuesday’s offering is a hands-on approach to driving a stock car. Like, as hands-on as one can get. The gang joins NASCAR Next driver Will Rodgers at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an unforgettable day in a NASCAR Racing Experience stock car.

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Who posts the fastest time around slick 1.5-mile Las Vegas? Competing against each other on fast laps are:

Bart, who looks most like a NASCAR driver, according to his teammates;

• Nolan, classified as a “wimp” on the road;

• James, who is wearing his lucky autographed Dale Jr. hat.

Even better, all “drivers” are mic’d up so you can hear their real-time, live reaction once they hit 140 mph. Check out the full YouTube video below.

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