Donut Media: Everything you need to know about Richard Petty

This week, Donut Media and NASCAR are partnering for exclusive racing content. Today: Everything you need to know about Richard Petty.

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It’s NASCAR week on Donut Media, a week in which the car culture brand will celebrate and explore NASCAR’s roots and personalities as only Donut Media can.

Thursday’s offering is profile-style look at Richard Petty. Yes, “The King” gets an episode to himself, and the Donut guys do justice to his life and legacy in NASCAR.

All of the key stats are there and examined: Petty’s seven premier series championships, his staggering 200 wins, his place in the sport as a member of the Petty family. Mixed in with the current footage from Donut is historical footage from the 1959 Daytona 500 — which his father, Lee Petty, won in a photo finish — as well as shots of a young Richard putting in engines and wandering through the garages, racing on the roads near his home with family.

Ever heard the story, by the way, on why Petty chose No. 43 as his car number, or the origins of the famous “Petty Blue” hue that covered his cars? All of that, plus much more, is covered in the video below.

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