Social Moment of the Week: The Busch family looking boss

This week’s Social Moment of the Week goes to the driver of the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry, Kyle Busch.

In an awesomely brazen display of 80s b-boy braggadocio, Rowdy posted this gem – he, his wife Samantha and son Brexton, striking an awesome pose at the door of their private jet. This is straight-up awesome. It’s like they took a normal family photo and then applied the Lewis Hamilton Instagram filter.

It’s crucial to exude confidence heading into the season, and this image clearly shows that Kyle isn’t lacking in this department. He’s got the skills. He’s got the determination. He’s got an Urban Outfitters somewhere near his house.

We know Samantha is stylish at all times, but let us pay respects to Kyle’s vintage red Adidas jumpsuit. This is an ensemble that tells competitors “My album drops in March, with guest spots by Drake, Cardi B and Offset.” And the backwards hat? Kyle’s like Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, the difference being Kyle has talent.

Oh, and the high-top shoes! So glad these are making a comeback, and that Kyle is following suit. They provide more support to ankles that may or may not have been injured jumping on trampolines.

So best of luck this weekend in the Daytona 500, Kyle. And best of luck on your forthcoming rap album with your family.

Perhaps there will be a Jimmie Johnson diss track?

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Either way, we expect nothing but hot verses, because if anyone knows how to drop the mic, it’s you.


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