Stewart on Logano at Auto Club: ‘I was gonna dot his I and cross his T’

Tony Stewart hasn’t forgotten about his confrontation with Joey Logano at Auto Club Speedway in 2013 — or the emotions that went with it.

Stewart shared his candid thoughts with Dale Earnhardt Jr. while the two retired Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers talked on Earnhardt Jr.’s “Dale Jr. Download” released Tuesday.

The incident started when Logano, in Stewart’s view, ran the No. 14 down the race track following a restart with 11 laps to go. Stewart lost a number of spots while trying to clean his tires off after being blocked down on the apron.

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“I was so mad at Joey,” Stewart recalled. “Joey had a real big habit at that time of running you all over the race track, and he literally ran me down to the grass where nobody had been all day.”

Stewart made his frustration known after the race, pulling up his No. 14 to Logano’s No. 22 on pit road. Stewart bolted toward Logano, getting a shove in before the fuelman from Danica Patrick’s No. 10 team pulled him away.

“I had Joey hemmed up,” Stewart said. “… I’m like, ‘I got his ass now. I’m gonna dot his I, cross his T. We got this.’

“By that time, a big fuel guy grabs me by the collar and pulls me back like I’m a rag doll.”

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