Sebastian Vettel’s biggest little fan got something amazing in the mail 🤗
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✍️ “Dear Spencer, thank you for your letter and your drawings. I love Ferrari too, my favourite car is the F40, apart from my F1 car 🙂 I’m glad to hear that I could inspire you to start racing. Keep enjoying and always have fun in what you do! Best wishes, Sebastian Vettel”
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Faith in the human race was restored today when Spencer’s driving hero sent a personalized letter, autographed pictures and a signed hat in response to a letter that he had written and delivered to Sebastian Vettel at the US Grand Prix in Austin this past month. We have one happy boy right now!! (And mom and dad). #sebastianvettel #dreamsdocometrue #formula1 #ferrari #F1 #Formula1 #Vettel #Seb5 @scuderiaferrari #Repost

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March 18, 2019

A winning family tradition 😎 #NASCARGoesWest #NASCAR #California #LosAngeles #LA